The film fill is a bottom support low-clog log fill configuration. Open, angular cross corrugations allow debris and biological growth foulant to pass, while providing maximum surface area and turbulence to develop efficient heat transfer. Texturing creates thermal capability improvement with little effect on fouling. The fills offers low pressure drop in an aerodynamic, durable design.

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Consists of a set of sprinkler pipes and one sprinkler head that is mounted on top of the stand pipe on the cooling tower.The sprinkler is rotated by the pressure of circulating water. There are numerous holes in the sprinkler pipe to allow the water to jet out as the pump impacts rotation

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Every Counterflow cooling tower is build up from a system of nozzles that distribute the water over the cooling fill. The drift eliminator, which is located above this system, takes care that the water drops do not leave the cooling tower. Spray nozzles – are mounted in the distribution pipes. They are designed to disperse water into small a droplet which falls over the fill surfaces

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With our expertise in the axial fan blades design Perfect use the most efficient aerodynamic profile for the blades designed. Perfect’s aerodynamic hub is the best solution for the reduction of air turbulences near the neck of the cooling tower fan blade. Excellent corrosion resistance is provided for performance that remains same even after long time of operation.

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The company offers cooling tower motors that are specially designed flange mounted motors in totally enclosed construction to suit extreme environmental conditions. They are provided with special long shaft construction with external threaded end to directly mount the fan blades this also helps in the better cooling of the motor. Motors are compact in design & less in weight to facilitate easy maintenance.

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Genuine PERFECT OEM parts are precision-engineered to provide you with a reliable product. While other suppliers may offer parts at an initial savings, you risk lowering performance — and losing FM ratings. PERFECT OEM parts provide the durability you can trust because we design and manufacture them exclusively for cooling towers.

With plant operation relying on your cooling tower performance, it’s important to select the parts that are among the highest quality available — PERFECT OEM parts.