The Cooling Tower Specialist

Easy Maintenance

Prefabricated construction will be the most convenient to maintain the system

Anti-water Drift Loss

Excellent eliminator will prevent from any water drift loss.

The Profitable Design of Air Flow

Optimum arrangement in fan and filler removed DEAD SPACE of air flow and promoted the efficiency

The Duplex Distrubution System

We improved the efficiency of heat exchange by jetting out the cooling water sufficiently through the JET Target NOZZLE and the DISTRIBUTION EQUIPMENT which is added at the top of the filler.


High performance of Water-Spraying

Low pressure in upper water tank (piping) gives excellent distribution of water spraying.

Rectification Type Louver

Utilizing rectification system increases the efficiency of filling and also prevents any water scattering to the outside of Tower.

Big Capacity of Cold Water Basin

Big sized cold water basin equipped with drain and filling system will prevent any air inflow in pipe lines.