High Durability, Strength, Performance and High Quality

Leak-proof, One Piece Casing.

Manufactured with our patented design, one single piece body & basin for low installation cost.

Smooth Exterior Tower Surface.

Unlike male-type molds, our towers do not collect dirt which gives them an outstanding appearance.

Integral Inlet Mesh System

Triple pass PVC air inlet mesh to prevent sunlight exposure in tower basin, permitting easy access to basin and diminishing noise.

U V Protection

PERFECT Cooling Towers use high grade Polyester resin with UV protection and also a Gel Coat finish that has UV inhibitors to provide a longer life expectancy of our towers.


Wide Access Doors

Large access doors for easy inspection and maintenance.

Durable, FRP Tower Shell.

UV stabilized and designed to withstand high wind loads.

Fan Blades with Pressure Die-cast Aluminium Hub

Lightweight fans avoid overloading the motors shaft, easy to dismount and corrosion proof.


Efficient Counter-Flow Design

Outperforms cross flow towers.

Non-clogging Large Orifice Nozzles.

Water is efficiently and uniformly distributed across entire Fill Media surface.

Totally Constructed of Corrosion-Resistant Materials

Manufactured to provide durability at minimum maintenance, with corrosion-resistant materials which include the motor and structural Fill Media support

Shipped Fully Assembled.

The fan assembly is shipped detached from the rest of the tower to prevent shipping damage.


Low Noise Level

High efficiency fans directly driven by low speed motors provide low-noise operation level.

Direct Drive Transmission.

Eliminating the use of pulleys, bands and gear reducers; this reduces maintenance to a minimum.