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The body is made of FRP which has the graceful figure. It is firmly assembled to from the bell-mouth shape, so That it can reduce the pressure loss.

Good Performance

The proper designs provide the good ventilation and wide contact area between liquid and vapor.

Cheap Price and Easy to Maintenance

Custom design and the unique single- shell design offers hassle-free maintenance and Prefabricated construction will be the most convenient to maintain the system.

Corrosion Resistance

The main parts are made of FRP, plastics, and other metallic parts are hot dip galvanize plated, which can give Good Corrosion resistance and good durability.


Low Conductivity

FRP body has low conductivity of the solar heat, corresponding to about 1/300 of metal, so that it can maintain the high cooling efficiency.

Low Noise

The fan is the axial flow type developed by the perfect cooling towers. To generate much airflow with low noise. It is Made of FRP in most models.

Excellent Sprinkler Design & Reduction in Automatic Feed Water

The sprinkler rotates automatically with the low pressure of the circulating cooling water jet spray. So that it can reduce the automatic water.