The body is made of FRP which has the graceful figure. It is firmly assembled to from the bell-mouth shape, so That it can reduce the pressure loss.

Automatic Feed Water

The sprinkler rotates automatically with the low pressure of the circulating cooling water jet spray. So that it can reduce the automatic water.

Good Performance

The proper designs provide the good ventilation and wide contact area between liquid and vapor.

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Filler of High Efficiency

The weak point which the cooling water leaned to one side is removed by the air velocity which is sucked and the heat exchange efficiency is maximized. The interval maintenance method of filler was especially designed and the air resistant minimized.

Wide Air Travel

The width of filler was made longer.

The Profitable Design of Air Flow

Optimum arrangement in fan and filler removed DEAD SPACE of air flow and promoted the efficiency

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Minimization and Lightweight of Installation Space

Installation space is reduced and operation weight is minimized, using high efficiency packing materials specially designed for cooling tower of vertically alternating current.

Energy Saving

The power of fan is reduced by smoothing air flow due to bell mouth-shaped fan stack and energy is saved, using packing materials with less pressure loss.

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Easy Maintenance

Prefabricated construction will be the most convenient to maintain the system

Anti-Water Drift Loss

Excellent eliminator will prevent from any water drift loss.

Big Capacity of Cold Water Basin

Big sized cold water basin equipped with drain and filling system will prevent any air inflow in pipe lines.

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