Cooling Towers
  • Spares For Cooling Towers Working Principle
  • Installation


    A well –ventilated and clean area, with a minimum distance between two towers should be maintained.

    Cooling tower internals precheck.

     Before piping-up and wiring the tower:

     *Check to be sure that all shipping material has  been  removed from the equipment.

     * The towers are fully assembled at the factory;  but  it is recommended that all joints and  attachments be  checked over. Tighten or adjust as  necessary.

     * Check the packing support to ensure that it did  not shift during shipping or lifting.

    Position of cooling towers:

          Incorrect position           Correct position

    The incorrect position of cooling tower will decrease the efficiency of cooling towers.


     Safety in operation:

     * NEVER operate the fan when the access  panel or the entire fan guard is removed.

     * NEVER remove access manhole cover while  fan is in operation.

     * NEVER operate fan when any work,  access,  maintenance, trouble-shooting, etc. is  being  performed on the inside of the fan ring  assembly  or inside the tower plenum.

    Piping of cooling towers:


       Piping should be adequately sized in accordance with accepted standard practices.

       • Gravity drain to indoor storage sump requires proper head differential and piping design considerations.
       Allowance must be made for flow, pipe size, piping layout and distance of cooling tower from the indoor
       Storage sump.

       • On multiple tower installations, valving and/or pipe sizing should balance pressure drops to provide equal
       Inlet pressures. Equalizing lines can be installed between cooling tower sumps and are available as an option


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