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Trouble-shooting in cooling towers:


Cooling Water Volume Increase

Excessive or inadequate cooling water flow Adjust to the specified flow
Irregular flow of air Improve ventilation
Re-circulation of air from tower outlet Improve ventilation
Clogging of holes in Upper Water Basin Remove dirt and scale
Improper flow of air from fan Adjust the angle of fan blades
Damaged fill Replace honeycomb fills


Cooling Water Volume Decrease

Blocking of the sprinkler holes in Upper Water Basin Remove dirt and scale
Blocking of strainer mesh Remove strainer
Water level decrease in the Lower Water Basin Adjust float valve
Improper selection of water circulating pump Replace the pump with proper capacity


Noise and Vibration

Fan blade tips touching casing Adjust the fan mounting
Bending of fan shaft Adjust bend at special shop
Loose bolts Tighten loose bots
Motor damage Replace motor
Damage in fan Replace fan


Water Carry Over

Excessive circulating of water Adjust the water flow with valve
Excessive air flow Adjust fan blade angles


Excessive Current Flow

Drop in voltage Check supply voltage and contact company.
Irregularities in the angles Make careful adjustment
Overload through excessive air flow Adjust fan blade angles

Consult our representative for further information and any problems related to cooling towers.

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